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Wraysbury Lake Sailing Club
94a Welley Road
Middlesex, TW19 5EP

Clubhouse mobile No.
- 07407 473300
Club Mobile No.
- 07848-038698

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Courses at 15% discount for members

Situated in the Thames Valley to the west of London
Committed to friendly family and competitive dinghy sailing

We have YOBs at Wraysbury!

YOB stands for Youths On BoatS - we are the teenage group at Wraysbury.
If you are aged 13 - 18 and enjoy messing about in boats - then YOBs is for you - we sail, we kayak, we eat a lot of biscuits and cake. We also have a facebook group - so if you are on facebook and would like to join our group either there or on the water at Wraysbury, please contact: youth@wlsc.org.uk - check out the calendar for our next YOB Sunday afternoon - or come any Sunday to join in the races or just relax on the water.


Fun on boats


What we do

Most of our activities are self selected. We have programmed slots in the regular club calendar, but what is great is that the content of those slots is up to us, with a bit of expert help when needed. Why not come and join in if you are 11 to 19? Use the Contact Form, see the top right corner of any page for the link.


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