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Wraysbury Lake Sailing Club
94a Welley Road
Middlesex, TW19 5EP

Clubhouse mobile No.
- 07407 473300
Club Mobile No.
- 07848-038698

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Courses at 15% discount for members

Situated in the Thames Valley to the west of London
Committed to friendly family and competitive dinghy sailing

All about Wraysbury Lake Sailing Club


Jack Holt

Wraysbury Lake Sailing Club is now fifty years old, having been founded in 1956 by a group of enthusiasts, including our first President Jack Holt. Jack designed both the Enterprise and the Solo dinghies, and both Classes have full fleet status at the Club. Shortly after he founded his own boat building business another early club member, Beecher Moore, introduced him to the Allen brothers. They got on well together and formed that well known sailing business, Holt Allen, a partnership that lasted for 50 years.

Over the years the Club has developed and expanded but all the while retaining its valuable combination of good competitive sailing and friendly family atmosphere. We extend a warm welcome to new members, encouragement to the new sailor, and challenge and competition to those with racing experience.

In July 2006 we celebrated 50 years of happy and relaxed family sailing and racing with a day bathed in summer sunshine, a couple of races, a Jazz band and an enormous hog roast. 


We are fortunate in having an attractive setting, the clubhouse being sited on a peninsula some ten feet above the surface of the 45 acre lake, offering a good all round view of the racing and general activity on the water. Clubhouse facilities include a Bar with Lounge area, Kitchen and Changing Rooms with Showers. There is an area of the lake in which swimming is permitted but it should be noted that inflatable craft, canoes, etc., are not allowed in the water. 

Racing takes place all the year round, with races EVERY Sunday for each fleet, with the exception of dates in the calendar reserved for Open or Special events. For those who have not sailed before, we hold both sail and race training sessions, usually during the Spring and Summer months. As soon as they have reached a reasonable level of competence, new sailors are encouraged to take part in the racing. Fleet Captains regularly assess the performance of all helms, placing them into Divisions according to their race results, and there are prizes and trophies for Points Series and Special Events, in all Divisions. Wednesday evenings in the Summer provide additional friendly racing and general mid-week relaxation.


Which Class of dinghy can you sail at Wraysbury Lake ? 

Broadly speaking, any dinghy with a Portsmouth Yardstick. We have two single class fleets and a mixed handicap fleet as follows:-

Our Enterprise Fleet is currently one of the largest registered in the world and offers excellent competition at all levels for those wishing to sail a two man boat.
For more information about the Enterprise fleet call our fleet captain.

The Solo Fleet, which is one of the largest registered in the UK, is perhaps the choice of those looking for one Class racing in single handed boats.
For more information about the Solo fleet call our fleet captain

To cater for Toppers, Lasers, Laser 4.7, Laser radial, RS200, Comets, Mirrors, Wayfarers and any other Class with a Portsmouth Yardstick of 140 or less, we have a thriving Restricted Fleet, which races using a handicap system.
For more information about the Restricted and Topper fleets call our fleet captains

When racing in a handicap fleet you may want to know how well you did quickly. Click here to try our Wraysbury Lake Portsmouth Yardstick Ready Reckoner.

Children are not forgotten at Wraysbury Lake and at Sunday lunchtime in the Summer the Optimist Fleet meets. Apart from having an enormous amount of fun, the children quickly gain confidence on the water and within months (sometimes only weeks) are competing strongly in organised racing. Training in accordance with the International Optimist Association scheme is provided.
For more information about the Optimist fleet call our fleet captain

No club would be complete without its Social Events, and there are plenty of opportunities to come along, relax and enjoy yourself in the company of friends.
Obviously, it is impossible to cover all aspects of the Club and its activities in these few pages but we hope that you will be sufficiently interested in what you have read so far to want to talk to us further. There is always someone at the Club on Sundays, especially at lunchtime.
The map provided will help you to find us. On arrival you may find the main gates locked, we do this to ensure security. Access for Visitors is on foot, through a pedestrian gate to the right of the Main Gates, and a walk of about 400 yards, bearing right at the end of the roadway. Alternatively telephone me if you are coming and I will arrange for you to be met at the Main Gate or ring the Clubhouse number 01784 483044.

The cost to join is modest and the current rates are shown on the Application Form. New members pay a pro-rata amount of the Annual Subscription and Boat Fee, dependent upon how much of the Club Year has expired. The Club Year runs from 1st October until 30th September next. Application Forms are obtainable at the clubhouse or from the Secretary, telephone number below. Come along to the Club on any Sunday where you will have an informal chat with Committee members and see the club in action. When the application is accepted by these Committee Members and the Entrance Fee, Subscription and any Boat Fee is paid applicants are free to use the Club. Applications must be displayed for two weeks and then formally accepted by the General Committee.

Wraysbury Lake SC is a fully RYA affiliated club and welcomes sailors from clubs from around the country and the world. We look forward to welcoming you to our friendly club as a visitor or as a new member who will become a good friend as well.

Chris Ryder Richardson .



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