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Wraysbury Lake Sailing Club
94a Welley Road
Middlesex, TW19 5EP

Clubhouse mobile No.
- 07407 473300
Club Mobile No.
- 07848-038698

Bray Lake logo
Courses at 15% discount for members

Situated in the Thames Valley to the west of London
Committed to friendly family and competitive dinghy sailing

Welcome to our Sailing section

Our sailing activities fall into these groups:

1. Sunday series races
2. Optimist training and racing
3. Youths on Boats activities
4. Summer Wednesday evenings
5. Training
6. General cruising.

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Weather links
Hot links Description Comment
uk.weather.com Next 3 days in half day summary format.  
weather online.co.uk Next 3 days in one easy picture, little wind information  
Consult the BBC weather for Staines Next 5 days 'at a glance'.  
and the BBC weather for Heathrow Next 5 days 'at a glance' plus next 24 hrs in 3 hour intervals.  
Windguru A Czech site based on larger sailing clubs. Click for the Queen Mary SC forecast for the next seven days.  
XCWeather Site intended for small aircraft flyers. Hover your mouse over Heathrow for a five day wind direction and strength indication.  
Met Office forecast, SE England London & South East England: forecast. Days 1 & 2, 3 to 5 and 6 to 15.  
Inshore waters, SE England Met Office inshore waters forecast from North Foreland to Selsey Bill. (Margate to Chichester)  
Metcheck Three hourly segments, easy to understand & up to date  
Synoptic charts The next set of links give show weather maps with isobars and fronts. these are more technical to understand but tell you a lot more.  
Today's chart Met Office charts from the German "Weather Central" site  
Tomorrow's chart    
The next day (Today + 2)    
Today +3    
Today + 4    
Next 9 days quick summary    

Local Weather report - Queen Mary SC

We don’t have a weather station online ourselves, but Queen Mary SC do, and they are not far away.

The link below takes you to thier webcam, current weather report and some recent trends..

Click here for more details...

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