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Wraysbury Lake Sailing Club
94a Welley Road
Middlesex, TW19 5EP

Clubhouse mobile No.
- 07407 473300
Club Mobile No.
- 07848-038698

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Situated in the Thames Valley to the west of London
Committed to friendly family and competitive dinghy sailing

The Enterprise class

The Enterprise is a two sail dinghy of just over 4m in length and is ideal for the family as well as the competitive or cruising sailor. It is suitable for beginners and makes a good inland water racing craft as there is considerable skill to getting the very best from the boat and its crew.


Wraysbury Lake is where Enterprise sailing started over forty years ago. Its designer, Jack Holt, was our commodore and later our President. Not surprsingly, therefore, the Enterprise is an ideal boat for our lake.


Enterpise Open, October 2007

Another year has passed, but the Enterprise fleet seem doomed to get light winds for their Open meeting. A high pressure system had dominated the weather for several days with nothing more than a light puff. And so it was this Sunday morning. The forecast was for a 3 to 5 mph wind from the North East. The direction was pretty much spot on, but the winds strength a little optimistic.

After a short postponement to allow the wind to settle its direction, the nine boats took to the water and set off round the course. There was just sufficient wind to push to boats along their way. The first five boats all kept closely together round the first lap with light wind maestro Dave Beaney and Maggie just showing the way. Andy Bird and 9 year old Samantha, being probably the lightest combination, were close behind in second place whilst Wraysbury’s Commodore, Chris Ryder-Richardson with his wife Jillian claimed the last place in the leading bunch. The light and fickle winds proved much more tricky for the remaining boats whose challenge faded one by one. At the end of the next lap the Race Officer had pity on the contestants and shortened the course before they all sailed out where the wind had completely faded.

Over the lunch period the weather seemed to be changing and there was some hope for better conditions for the afternoon. But those hopes turned out to be false and after another short delay racing was abandoned for the day with the contestants settling for an extended chat overlooking the attractive, but glass like, lake. With only a single race completed, the results of that constituted the event’s results. Congratulations to Dave Beanery on reatining his trophy, albeit with a diferent crew.

Rank Boat SailNo Helm Crew Club R1
1 The Blanc Bean 20234 David Beaney Maggie Beaney Broadwater 1.0
2 Unlawful Entry 22456 Andy Bird Sam Bird Papercourt 2.0
3   22320 Martin Davies Laurence Davies Rugby & Daventry 3.0
4   22810 M Kostins A Butler Chipstead 4.0
5 Avaunt 20315 Chris Ryder Richardson Jillian RyderRichardson Wraysbury Lake 5.0
6   22547 Dick Lantershaw Jo Lantershaw Weir Wood 6.0
7 Ivor BigUn2 20505 Colin Hall William Hall Wraysbury Lake 7.0
8 Rain Dancer 21631 John Rolt Tamoro Freitag Wraysbury Lake 8.0
9 Blue Meanie 19334 Kim Wilkinson Mark Wilkinson Wraysbury Lake 9.0

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